The TREx Lab is currently OPEN and is taking sample submissions by appointment only.
Please review our updated SAMPLE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for more information.
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Transcriptional Regulation & Expression Facility

Our Team:

Jen Grenier -- Director, TREx Facility & Genomics Innovation Hub
Office Hours: Tues 1-3pm; Topics: TREx projects (any scope), genomics technologies

Christine Butler -- Lab Manager

Ann Tate -- Project Manager
Office Hours: Weds 10am-noon; Topics: TREx projects (experimental design, input requirements, current status, future planning),
Illumina sequencing (technology, BRC services, Novogene services)

Faraz Ahmed -- Bioinformatics Analyst
Office Hours: Thurs 10am-noon; Topics: TREx projects (analysis, data QC, data distribution/access), genomics computational methods/software/pipelines (RNAseq, small RNA seq, ATACseq, single cell profiling, methyl-seq, and much more)

Virtual Appointments

To set up an appointment, please use our Google calendar/appointment system to sign up in advance for a 30min window when possible: Once you click on the OH reservation, click on the link to ‘Go to appointment page for this calendar’ to reserve a slot by entering your name. 2) During your reserved OH slot, join the appropriate Zoom meeting (see Google calendar details). On Tuesdays, the pwd is ‘trex’.